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Cruise #3 Throw Pillow

Road to the French Riviera.

Shade yourself under the olive trees from the heat of the midday sun. A destination that instills the relaxation within and takes the time to live. Near the coast, in the hinterland, is a refuge filled with tranquillity and warmth. A parenthesis, where we agree upon a moment of relaxation, cradled by the surrounding nature. It is in this warm atmosphere that the inspiration and the decor of our collection was born.

 Sublimated by a subdued light, this collection marks the return of warm colors, leather and natural linens.

 Do you dream of a cozy and warm decor? Let us tempt you with an elegant touch of linen and yellow, adding a salty note to your home. Enjoy the discreet charm of 100% recycled sail cushion, the perfect interior accessory.


  • Small : 50 * 50 cm / 19.6 * 19.6 inches
  • Large : 60 * 60 cm / 23.6 * 23.6 inches

Cushion with completely removable cover with zip
Recycled and made in France