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Bare Naked meets Natural Skincare.

I’m proud to introduce the Stellar audience to Sauveteur Skincare. In French, Sauveteur means life saver, which is exactly what I’ve heard Sauveteur referred to time and time again.

My friend Cathy L. McNeish is a free-lance makeup artist, stylist, and aesthetician. Each of her experiences inspired her to create a natural skincare solution that enhances the skin's natural mantle, rather than disturb it.

The plant based botanicals with fruit enzymes are perfect for all skin types - and with no harsh chemicals. From softening, hydrating, firming, tightening, and protecting, it's truly one of a kind.

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Intrinsic Swagger meets Wood Home Accents.

I'm proud to introduce the Stellar audience to artisan Shelley Morgan's beautiful woodworking. Her custom pieces add organic interest to any space. She chooses stunning reclaimed wood that displays its own fascinating grain, knots and gnarls and rich coloring, which will darken over time.

Shelley's favorite part of the entire creative process is the moment the oil meets the wood, amplifying the color, the grain, the character of the wood. The oil brings to life every line, every knot, every part of its color spectrum. This moment happens only once with every piece, and it is extraordinary!


Surf's Up meets Natural Beeswax Products.

I’m proud to introduce the Stellar audience to Dasha and Wellness by Ari. She creates 100% Pure Beeswax Candles and focuses on eco-friendly products and providing a high-quality, hand-poured candle each and every time.

Dasha’s product began from a desire to create not just a candle but something that will purify and benefit the atmosphere and air quality of your home. Wellness by Ari uses 100% pure Beeswax as the base for their candles because it not only provides the purest and longest burn, with little to no smoking, but it also releases negative ions which bind to toxins to help remove them from the air.