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Brother Stanwick Figurine

Introducing the Brother Stanwick animal bust by Angela Rossi. Angela has brought to life her characters from her 2D artworks and translated in to 3D sculptures, creating a family of majestic and wonderfully detailed animal busts. This green stag bust could be an ideal focal point in the interior setting of a hunting lodge or a stately home. Finished in a contemporary pastel green paint this resin deer sculpture makes for a striking tabletop or mantlepiece decoration, adding a vibrant pop of bright colour. Bring a touch of playfulness and leafy green-ness to your home decor.

A free-standing stag head bust cast in high-quality resin and painted in a modern pastel green to create a delightfully quirky addition to both commercial and domestic interior settings.

Theme: stag, resin, animal, sculpture

Material: Resin, Paint

Dimension: 40 cm high