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Why You Should be Making Your Bed Every Morning

As someone who was a notoriously messy child, could never stay organized and was always running late - breakfast in hand running after the bus every morning kind of late - if you told me back then that I would grow up to be someone who made their bed every morning, I would have laughed in your face. But let me tell you, ever since I picked up this habit, making my bed has been something I do every single morning. I truly believe that there are a few key benefits to making your bed every morning, so let me convince you on why you should be doing this too.

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Making the bed first thing in the morning is such a simple task - jump starting your day with instant productivity. Life can get overwhelming and our to-do list seems to grow rather than shrink, so that initial check mark in the morning is a great way to start the day. Every little step adds up to that euphoric feeling of an accomplished day and, though making your bed is super simple, it can be the task that sets up the rest of your day for success.  Check mark: you have already got something right first thing in the morning.

Having a tidy bed, which is usually the focal point of the bedroom (or the focal point of the apartment if you live in a studio) makes the entire space feel cleaner. It is such a large area that if the comforter is all bunched up and pillows are strewn across the bed, it can make that large portion of your room look like a hot mess. Once your bed is made, it is easier to maintain a cleaner room overall. You may hesitate before leaving that pile of dirty laundry on the floor if the majority of your space is tidy and clean. See?  This one simple step of making your bed can  improve other housekeeping habits, leading to an even cleaner and organized life.

Coming home after a long day out and about to a nicely made bed can give you a sense of relief.  Sort of like that feeling when you return to the hotel after a busy day to a nicely turned-down room.  The feeling is inviting; the bed is like a gift waiting to be opened and crawled into.  Consistently making your bed means you never have to worry where that extra pillow has gone since throwing it off the bed in the middle of REM sleep, or why the sheets are untucked and twisted at the bottom.   After a long day of crushing it, you can walk into your bedroom and know all is well.  Why not make the final steps of your day clean and organized and ready to give you the sweetest of dreams?  

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