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Topless Yoga!

Ok.  Design politics aside.  I think we can all agree on one thing - using a communal rubber yoga mat at the gym is not very sanitary - some would dare to call it gross!  For those of us who are highly germ sensitive (and secretly exercise averse) I have some good news.  We Are Stellar Designs is proud to partner with Soul Seal - the folks who solved the gross yoga mat dilemma.
Let me introduce Vicki Mason, the inventor of the Soul Seal yoga mat topper.  This is her story to tell.
Our beautifully woven fabric has designs that come from deep within my heart and soul.  My Mom was one of the most talented people I have ever known.  She could make anything!!  After she passed away years ago, my Dad gave me her hand-drawn schoolbooks from Germany.  Every page has beautiful designs on the borders, as well as drawings throughout.  I decided then, that someday I would honor her by finding a voice for her amazing talents.  So, the design that you see even on our very first Soul Seal mat, and the ones that will follow are all original Ursula Mason designs.  
  • ANTIMICROBIAL. Always Fresh!  Silver ion technology fights off the toughest odors.  Yes, odors.
  • NON-SLIP.  Designed with an incredible, solid, cohesive gripping component that firmly adheres to your rubber mat.  
  • CONVENIENT. Washable and designed to be line-dried.  Soul Seal is also easy to travel with.  
  • MADE IN THE USA. 100% manufactured in NC and distributed throughout the US.

Here are some tips to creating your own antimicrobial yoga space:

Go Outside: Breathe in the fresh air! Surround yourself with sunshine and practice your postures in a flat area in the backyard, porch or balcony. Create a yoga space near any flowers or vegetation to become more connected to nature.  Yoga and meditation is all about connecting with your surroundings. By adding an element of nature, your space becomes infused with balance and harmony. 
Indoor Space.  Don't have any room to spare?  I bet - right now, there is a small space in your home just waiting to become a personal yoga studio.  Simply clear an area that is at least six feet by six fee or longer, depending on your height.  It is important that you move surrounding furniture out of reach so you have lots of room to accommodate all postures.  If you are converting a small space only to change it back after practice, a basket or side table will be convenient for quickly storing all of the original items.  

Just like you need a proper bed for a good night’s sleep, a high-quality yoga mat topper is a must. Luckily, seasoned Yogis, like Vicki Mason created mat toppers to make your yoga practice not only antimicrobial, but truly functional and design pretty.

Quick Note: we have included Soul Seal Mat Toppers in some of our Design Vibes because they completely go with the aesthetic.

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