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The Ultimate Hookup

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Here's the deal.  We have invited our team of interior designers to sprinkle their magic about - and come up with creative, exciting designs for you.  Yes you!

Just like piecing together a wardrobe over time, We Are Stellar Designs exists for our customers to curate their own living collection - one intriguing piece at a time.  

Here is what we know about our customers.

  • 67% prefer to shop online rather than in-store. They view the products they buy as an extension of their image. If a product doesn’t have a positive effect on their desired self-image, they won’t purchase it (smart!)  

  • Cost-conscious, looking for the best value they can find (duh!). That doesn’t mean they’re looking for the cheapest product, but value and design is important. 

Grown-up, yet still young, fun, and vibrant. That’s Stellar!

Having established how awesome you are - the initial design stories that we have curated with you in mind are located under the Design Collections menu.  Purchase one piece, or a few at a time - the goal is to slowly contribute to your home decor that will last - just like those expensive jeans you splurged on so many years ago!

 Here is how it works.  Take the professionally curated design by our Designer Team.  Check out Intrinsic Swagger, an eclectic layering of textures, vintage influences, and muted hues inspired by the effortless swag and class discovered on London's city streets.  When you visit the collection page, each product within the collection is in one spot - for your shopping convenience.  

We Are Stellar Designs.  We are a lifestyle design boutique for your small space, apartment or dorm, dedicated to offering well-curated designs and on-trend products.


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