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Sail Away with KT Merry Art Prints

We are thrilled when we get to partner with real life, travel the world artists. A curated collection of KT Merry Art Prints are now available to shop on We Are Stellar Designs.

KT Merry is a photographer of eminence, channeling years of experience in the fashion photography industry and drawing inspiration from nature. KT uses her artful approach in tandem with her medium of choice — film — to compose painterly images that are graceful, honest and boldly natural. KT Merry consistently creates works of profound beauty.

Our designers instantly fell in love with the images and the beauty that KT Merry has captured in her photography and travels. KT Merry allows you to see a glimpse of the adventure beyond your daily life whether it's sailing the seas, a dusky morning in Florence, or running with the Wild Mustangs in Northern California. We couldn't love these art prints more.

we are stellar designs offers kt merry sail boat art print we are stellar designs offers kt merry sail boat art print   we are stellar designs offers kt merry sail boat art print


With designers and artists communicating and working collaboratively, Stellar is able to offer our customers a seamless journey from start to finish of a beautifully designed space. Jumping into summer decor, an easy way to transition your decor for the seasons is with adding color, patterns and artwork. We love this post from My Style Vita on displaying artwork in unique ways.

Tips for Summer Artwork:

  1.  Use existing frames - having frames ready, getting new art prints (hint, hint) and using your existing frames is a great way to freshen up your decor for summer.
  2.  Add color you might not normally go for - don't be afraid to try a new pop of color that you've had your eye on... worst case, you can swap it out again next season. Best case is that you realize you love it!
  3. Move your artwork around - take some time to re-think your artwork placement around your home. Moving and relocating all of your artwork can make it feel like a whole new space.

kt merry photographer artist agave print kt merry photographer artist agave art print kt merry photographer artist agave art print


we are stellar designs kt merry luna horses art print

Give and give some more - is how KT Merry rolls.  The photographic series Simply Wild  donates 20% of all retail sales to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign aimed at preserving these American icons where they belong – in the wild

Interior spaces share in the summer season's energy - so dive into these prints and have your home reflect the playful and relaxed mood of summer with style.  

Tag us on Instagram @wearestellardesigns.  We would love to see your summer art projects.  And be sure to check out KT Merry's gorgeous Instagram @ktmerry.  

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