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Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Party

These days, inviting friends over to your home is deemed more intimate than getting naked with a stranger.  But the holiday party season has arrived, so keep your clothes on and get over yourself.  Stop waiting for your friend with the bigger apartment to throw the party.  Your space is absolutely perfect and this is especially true with my party design tips for the perfectly imperfect holiday gathering.

Whether you are planning a significant holiday celebration or a simple dinner with friends, I encourage you to put your personality into your party.  

A KITCHEN SINK filled with ice acts as a cooler when housing beverages and bottles of wine. With this in mind, keep a tray handy. Set it close to the sink,  using it to display your glassware and potential cocktail garnishes...oh, and that handy-dandy bottle opener!

A COFFEE TABLE becomes a dining area when covered with a festive tablecloth. This time of year, I adore some type of plaid or flannel fabric!

STRING LIGHTS are a fantastic element to add a little bit of atmosphere to the room. Not to mention, they can double as a fun backdrop for those holiday Instagram posts.

FLOOR SEATING.  Not to panic if you're expecting a large party with a limited amount of seating. (The silver lining: you have a lot of people who are excited to attend this soiree!) Add a few floor pillows or poufs around your dining area. They'll help keep that casual party vibe going, encouraging guests to kick back and relax! These versatile furnishings also double as extra surface space for food trays or platters. 

When it comes to your holiday treats, I have one word for you. PRESENTATION! Whether they're store-bought (Don't worry we won't tell!) or secret family recipes, dazzle your guests by creating a heavenly, curated buffet. Okay pause; this doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money on festive ceramic dishes! Instead, I suggest something much more simple and classic. Try arranging a Charcuterie Board of your favorite finger foods. In fact, break out those cutting boards your hiding in the cabinet - they're not just functional! 

And don't forget a creative, inexpensive PARTY FAVOR.  I am still swooning over this image of a chocolate bar gift wrapped in pretty paper and delicate velvet ribbons! Simply purchase a gorgeous roll of your favorite wrapping paper with a matching ribbon roll and your golden.

Or if you're not feeling so DIY, check out your local bakery for some chic festive cookies. Already made, just package with love!

And last but not least on my party list for you is, of course, a seasonal, signature cocktail. Trust me, you won't have any complaints on being bartender for the night. Meet the Rosemary Infused Holiday Cocktail by the Flair Exchange.

Mostly, people don't care about the size of your space - they care about spending time with you.  So take a moment to send out a simple paper invite, or if you must - an electronic request.  I encourage you to embrace old school invites. Receiving a physical piece of post is a lovely gift in it's own right.  Cheers to you and yours.

Collaborator:  Harmony Walker, Designer and Blogger

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