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Stellar Summer Intern

What you wear tells a lot about who you are. Do you prefer bright colors and prints or a more neutral wardrobe? Do you add accessories head to toe or keep it simple with a dainty necklace? Your interior space design does the same thing.

Hello! My name is Sofia and I am the summer intern for We Are Stellar Designs. Growing up, I always had a calling to fashion. My mom jokes with me about the many times I would ask to choose my own outfit because my mom’s style - didn’t really fit mine (6 year old Sofia really had her mind made up!). Now, I work at Banana Republic Factory Store and get to play around with floor sets and dressing mannequins with new styles. I was blessed enough to find this summer internship through a counselor at my university and figured I’d give it a shot (side note: don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone - this has been one of my greatest experiences already). I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do and it’s made the similarities between fashion and interior design so clear to me! But enough about me, let’s dive right in!


Color, Color, Color. Depending on my mood or the season I’m in, color plays such an important role in my outfits. During the summer, I tend to wear more pastel colors and busy patterns. Interestingly enough, when I took the Design Vibe Quiz I learned that the Glam Girl Vibe fits my style!

INTERN LESSON #1  As I learn from the super talented designers around me, I notice their first step is choosing a color palette as well . It just makes the whole process of choosing accessories or room fixtures easier and gives it a more cohesive look.

INTERN LESSON #2  You can NEVER have too many accessories. I am constantly defending my shoe purchases! Although some people might think I just bought another pair of black boots, I see two different pairs with two different personalities. For example, one is ready to walk around uptown Charlotte and stop at cute coffee shops for Instagram perfect pictures, while the other pair loves to get dirty while going strawberry picking on a hot summer day. Room accessories have a similar idea. Apparently, you cannot have just 1 throw pillow, you need all 3.  But the great thing about that is, you can switch it up and revamp your style in your room as much as with your outfits!


INTERN LESSON #3  The small things in life really do matter. Just like your outfit, your room needs attention to detail. Adding wall art or updating a rug is similar to adding a headscarf or choosing new shoes to complete the look. A great way to stay under budget and give your space (and outfit) a new look is switch out the small details. Adding a succulent plant to an empty shelf or a textured belt to a simple outfit really completes the look. Update the details to give your room a fresh, new look and that’s a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa (did you know a sofa is NOT the same as a couch?). 

Basically, the greatest similarity I’ve found between interior design and fashion is how expressive an individual can be with their room design or outfit. Adding a statement necklace to a simple outfit or changing the throw pillows on your bed all make a difference in showing off who really are. The greatest lesson so far is that everyone has different needs, wants, styles, etc. Fashion and designing your space allows you to keep up with new trends, change your style, and be true to who you are.

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Blog post written entirely by Sofia Achinelli.

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18 June, 2019

Juan Pablo Tonda

Fantastic !!!!!! You are a genius jajajaja. Amé tu trabajo. Para cuando la linea CA STELLAR?? La podes vender en California jaja.
Te quiero sobri.

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