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Our Favorite Tablescapes For Thanksgiving

Set the mood for the most wonderful meal of the year. As family and friends arrive to your home and write what they are grateful for on a construction paper cut-out of a maple leaf, you will want to make sure they are whisked away to the most beautiful table full of pumpkins, gords, candlesticks...just stop. Construction paper? No. Hand turkeys? No. Hay bales. Absolutely not. We have put together some ideas that are quirky, traditional, interesting, simple, and approved by our Stellar design team.   

Not a feather from the turkey you are about to eat - we suggest grabbing a bag of fake feathers at your local craft store and getting creative with your dinner plate.

Tiny, colorful pumpkins scattered about the table are a fun addition to a fall centerpiece. Super inexpensive which is the best part! If you can't find real ones in the grocery store, you can settle on fake pumpkins at the craft store.

A winter scarf on the the table? Heck yeah! Colorful, textured, and interesting makes this centerpiece accessory the perfect addition to your table. And if you're feeling a little chilly during dinner, you are an awkward moment away from warmth.

Bring the outside inside. Runners are a perfect substitute for a full table cloth - less bulky and saves the china from the amatuer magicians at the table.


Serve up a little non-traditional decor for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Get out the paint and a small brush and have some fun. Pink pumpkins, muted ombre tones, patterned pumpkins - the colorful sky's the limit.

Close your eyes and spell charcuterie (yeesh!). Our designers love this idea of repurposing a charcuterie board for the soup course of a meal. Creative and functional and you can impress your guests with your new spelling super power.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board with more Tablescape inspiration!

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23 August, 2020



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