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Making Your Guest Room Holiday Ready

Santa Clause may be coming to town - but so is your family and those freeloading friends.  In the era of Airbnb, the expectations of a guest room has increased exponentially.  It used to be fine to fluff up the couch pillows, pull the wrinkly mix-matched sheets from the back of the linen closet and point to the half bath in the entryway and call it a night.  A big nope - not gonna cut it man.  

If you don't have a separate guest room to offer your overnight visitors - create a pop-up guest room in your living room, office, baby's room or even your porch if the weather permits.

Festive (and fresh) Linens.  Have a little fun with your holiday linens.  Purchasing a special set of festive shams or a duvet cover that comes out once a year - is a simple way to let your guests know that you remembered they were coming. 

Helpful Tip: It is perfectly ok to ask your sweet, freeloading guests to change the sheets when they leave. You can create a funny "check out procedure" note to make it less awkward. 


Deck the Halls but not the guest room.  Nobody wants to sleep in the junk room (aka the office).  What I am suggesting is - move your to-do list to another hiding spot until the holidays pass.  Clear a space to put a luggage rack or a small table or bench to set down a suitcase. No one likes to do squats (ever!) to pull out a clean pair of socks. Even a chair is better than nothing. 

Storage and Supplies If there isn't space in the closet - coat or otherwise - think about purchasing an inexpensive over-the-door hook that can accommodate some hanging clothes. Don't forget a supply of 6 or 8 hangers. A simple hook on the wall or behind a closet door can hold a robe, coat, or a purse.


Let's get personal. Bathrooms. Chances are you'll have guests that forget to pack some of the essentials for traveling, but it's a great way to play up your host/hostess role. Help your travel-weary friends and family unwind with a little pampering. Create a designated space on the bed, front and center, and lay out fancy travel kit for that little extra touch of welcome. Include a couple of luxury bath items like bath bombs, aromatherapy lotions or soaps to really knock those festive socks off!  It's just a simple way to show off your hospitable nature.

Mood Lighting  Offer your guests more options than a too-bright overhead light or the flashlight on their phone.  Some people like to read before bed so give those book-nerds a light.  And, it isn't polite to make your guests stumble around in the dark, just to turn a light on. If nothing else, a small night light is helpful.

Privacy Please  Nothing to see here, folks!  Choose window coverings which not only add to the iconic design of the room but provide privacy and light control, as well. Helpful Tip: Sheets are not curtains. Towels are not curtains.  Curtains are curtains. 

Cozy with Layers  There's nothing better on a cold night than burrowing under soft, warm blankets, right? Cool sheets plus warm layers upon layers of bedding create the perfect cocoon (and keep the thermostat at that perfect spot). More than likely, your guests are going to have their own preferences on how to layer up, much like a Goldilocks situation. As far as bedding planning here is your checklist: fresh/festive sheets, a thin coverlet, a folded duvet or heavy blanket at the bottom of the bed.

Helpful Tip: Throw blankets add a nice pop of color and texture on any bed. More is always better during the holidays.  As for styling, you can't go wrong with a ladder shelf!

We all love the little details that make us feel welcome.  Preparing a room for your guests is kind and generous and will definitely get you on the exclusive Good List this year. 

We would love to see how your guest room turned out.  Send us pictures!  or tag us on Instagram @wearestellardesigns

Collaborator:  Harmony Walker, Designer and Blogger

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18 December, 2018


So funny AND so informative. Great ideas. Thank you!

18 December, 2018

Martha Thomley


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