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Homey Home Accents

Let's chat home accents.  Another opportunity to celebrate your style!  These pieces infuse personality and color to your living space.  And most importantly, they make your home - homey.  

Whether you’re in the mood for a Spring refresh of your home or just looking to get all the things. These product suggestions can be moved around from room to room to get you a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Snag a few of our favorites below to start your collection!


Don't be afraid to move towards fresh, bold, natural patterns.  Find a piece of artwork you love. Whether it is a print, photograph or even a framed tapestry you can pull your fresh colors and textures from the artwork.  Building from a vibrant, natural piece of art will give your space a harmonious flow.  

Another chic and easy way to incorporate a fresh pattern into your home decor is by adding floral wallpaper to make your home decor pop!

we are stellar designs baskets

The perfect assist when trying hide everyday nonsense.  However, baskets only work to organize your disorganization if you approach them in a methodical manner.  Baskets can vary in size and shape, as long as they're made out of the same material.  This keeps them from adding to the visual clutter.


we are stellar designs hanging plant basket




Spring smells pretty - until your sneezing and wheezing interferes with the scene.  Faux plants are less maintenance, less sneezy and hanging plants are super trendy right now. Never underestimate the ability of an indoor plant or two when it comes to enlivening a space.  Whether you go faux, fresh, or opt for greenery, bringing in plants breathes actual life into a room and instantly transforms it to look on-purpose and sophisticated.

We would love to post pictures of your favorite home accents!  




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