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Being an adult means decking the halls with boughs of holly and properly setting the table for holiday meals.  Whether you come from fancy or casual, be sure to leave time for planning the design and decor of your table.  Holiday table setting is just as important as the spread of delicious dishes you have painstakingly prepared - and it's where guests will spend most of their time, so you'll want to strike the right tone and feeling. 

Casual table settings allow people to feel at home and are perfect for less formally decorated holidays.  While preparing a table for a full-blown formal dinner party may require a few more elements, don't you worry.  We have tips and diagrams and lists and pretty pictures to reference - we got you.

Mind-blowing Tip:  A centerpiece doesn’t have to be in the center.  Yup.  Just keep things low so guests can see one another.

When designing your tablescape, think about setting aside the expected reds and greens. Instead mix in subtle silver tones and burnished golds to add texture to elevate your style.

Setting A Casual Table 

ONE. Place dinner plates approximately 2 inches from the table’s edge and center them squarely in front of each chair.  TWO. Put soup bowls on top of the dinner plates.  THREE. Salad plates go above the forks to the left side of the dinner plate.  FOUR. Position bread plates slightly above the salad plate closer to the dessert fork.  FIVE. Flatware should be laid out in the order that guests will use it: Work your way from the outside in. Forks belong on the left of the dinner plate; knives and spoons go to the right. Knife edges should always face the dinner plate. Butter knives should be laid flat on the bread plate with the cutting edge, again, facing in the direction of the dinner plate.  Dessert forks or spoons can be placed horizontally at the top of the dinner plate.  SIX. Place water glasses above the dinner knife. Optional red and white wine glasses or champagne flutes are staggered around the water glass.  SEVEN. Napkins go to the left of the plate, inside a drinking glass, or in the center of the plate.  Place cards (perfectly optional) work best placed above the dessert utensil, centered with the plate.

Setting A Formal Table

(1) Napkin. (2) Salad fork.  (3) Dinner fork.  (4) Dessert fork.  (5) Bread and butter plate, with butter knife.  (6) Dinner plate.  (7) Dinner knife.  (8) Teaspoon.  (9) Soup spoon.  (10) Cocktail fork.  (11) Water glass.  (12) Red wine glass.  (13) White wine glass.

Lots of pieces to this puzzle - we realize.  So if you want to KISS - keep it simple stupid - only set out what is needed.  Take a peek at your menu and determine what plates, cutlery and glassware is actually needed.  We Are Stellar Designs wants to help you put your best festive foot forward, one place setting at a time.  Eat, Drink and of course be merry for goodness sake.

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