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Gentlemen. Start Your Engines.

Listen up gentlemen. Time to help you kick off 2019 with a few pointers to get your Bachelor Pad ready for bachelor pad activities. The words stylish and decor may feel a bit foreign and certainly not manly but as the saying goes, A man's home is his castle. It's where you decompress from work, host the boys poker game, and entertain your significant other-s.  So, if the adage rings true, it's time to move your bachelor pad from then to now. Our designer tips will help you up your game and expand your personal brand when it comes to your home.

Guys, I know you prefer directness and simplicity so I'll get straight to the point. The essential elements of style include furniture, color coordination, bedding, lighting, decor, and storage. 

Furniture typically takes the biggest chunk out of any budget, especially if you have a lot of space to fill. Searching for modern, affordable furnishings doesn't have to break the bank! And if you have some wiggle room in the budget and are ready to start widening your furniture palette, I don't recommend one-stop shopping. Much like your closet, your abode should feature different brands and styles that reflect you. Spend the money where it counts; comfortable, durable, and uniquely you.

To give your space something with a little history, try investing in vintage furniture. Old school.  They'll make great conversation pieces.  Spice things up with a touch of eclecticism. 

Because color coordination could be an entire blog post in and of itself, I'll keep this short and sweet. Start tying in one or two pops of color throughout your space for cohesion and visual interest. Utilizing neutrals and deeper hues for the foundation of your home will bring an air of sophistication and transformation.  Boys to Men.

Bedding. I cannot stress this element enough. Recent studies show that single men wash their sheets four times in a year! Seriously gross.  Invest in multiple sheet sets to switch things up to keep the washer from getting dusty. Add a couple of pillows and throw blankets.


The term "man-cave" doesn't need to be taken so literally when it comes to lighting. Dark and moody isn't attractive on a sunny day.  Whether you embrace the dark wall vibe or not, letting natural light in is great for making your space feel larger. But that doesn't mean forego window treatments - cover your windows please and not with your old sheets or towels.  Yes, we see you. Few things will kill the mood faster than harsh fluorescent lights. Look at adding softer lighting on your end tables and task lamps to enhance the ambiance factor. 

Photo by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

The truth may hurt but it's time you know. Liquor bottles alone, don't always count as decor.  The exception being they're on a functional bar cart or incorporated into general home decor.

Remember that it's your personal touch that makes your space your home. So if there are things of sentimental value, or perhaps you are a collector of vintage comic books, find a creative way of displaying it.  And if that is too far out of your wheelhouse, I highly recommend sending us a note - our design team will happily give you design suggestions.  Or check out our coordinating Pinterest Board for ideas.  Home decor isn't rocket science - but it does require some of your creative attention.  Dig deep man.  You got this.

We Are Stellar Designs embraced this artistic story in our collections Intrinsic Swagger and Transient Revolution.  Our in-house design team, lead by Harmony Walker, was the main contributor to this blog post.

Cover Photo:  Benjamin Grimes

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