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Harmony Creates Transformative Designs for You

Hi! My name is Harmony and I'm a Pinterest Addict. (Hi Harmony.)

Oh, and I am the lead designer for We Are Stellar Designs!

My design philosophy is grounded in the belief of the transformative power of design. This drives my passion to create new environments with new energies, tailored to the life you want to create and one that tells your story. Functional yet beautiful interior design can establish a sense of balance, purpose, and act as a sanctuary to help us thrive in our day to day lives. 

(Room envy anyone? We all have our dream havens and this happens to be one of mine!)

With an aesthetic born of several design styles, I express my passion of bridging vintage icons and features with modern elements. The Stellar team takes a similar approach in our conceptualization process, searching for the most unique pieces to bring to our curated collections. Making a statement while maintaining a cohesive design is our bread and butter!


We Are Stellar Designs exists out of a passion for co-creation with our clients; transforming your abode-the only place which is a true authentic expression of self-to reflect your tastes and lifestyle. In a word, stellar!

I'm thrilled to be working directly with you to bring your visions to life. Let's get started!

(I do love a bit of fringe...even more when it adds some dramatic lighting!)

Harmony is an Interior Designer at SouthPark Interiors and a frequent contributor to We Are Stellar Designs. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from East Carolina University

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