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Excuse the language but get ready for this bit of trivia.  The average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day.  EACH DAY!  And of course each decision carries a certain consequence with it that are both good and bad.  That is why we are fans of The Stellar Bundle.  

In our modern world of independence and DIY, we are expected to be experts at just about everything from travel to design to real estate to nutrition.  I get that self-checkout is supposed to be convenient and efficient and somehow liberating but honestly folks.  I don't work at the grocery store or gas station or restaurant.  I didn't go through training and I'm not getting paid to stand there and figure out the scanning gun thingy.  Most importantly, I don't have time to problem solve when the machine beeps at me because I entered the wrong code for the organic bananas that will be brown by the time I get home.


Well, at We Are Stellar Designs, we want to take the burden of being an interior designer off your shoulders.  You're not - and we are, so let us.  Studies show that people would rather make a choice where the likelihood of a positive outcome is known (ummm...professionals curating a design bundle for your home), rather than one where it is unknown (you taking a stab at curating a design bundle).  

Here are more reasons why we love The Stellar Bundle:

  • Bundles minimizes thinking (truth!).
  • Bundles encourage product sampling and exploration.
  • Bundles reduce the pain of overspending.
  • Bundles succeed more often than one-offs because similar items enjoy an inherent synergy (like a burger and fries). 

In some cases it's just about saving time. And for all of us - time is money.  Bundles don't always cost less, but they offer a reduction in the time and energy it takes to place an order.  That is why we have designed our website to be three clicks away from purchasing your design bundles.  

We are building out our bundles as I write.  Bath Bundles are live and ready for you to click, click, click.  Perfect design solution to refreshing your bathroom or better yet, if you are preparing for a summertime move.  No scanning and buzzing and beeping and bagging.  Stellar Design bundles delivered right to your door!

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